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ICC is a specialist consultancy firm dealing with unfair and unlawful Insurance claim repudiation and rejections by Insurance Companies.

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Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way

As independent Public Loss Adjuster's we provided our clients with extensive and tailored claim preparation services. A lot of people underestimate the positive impact of a professional and prefer to work alone. However, we have the necessary blend of skills to prepare the substantial technical and financial information to fully evidence your claim. We know precisely what information insurers require and we present it in the right way and in the format required to optimize the claim settlement. This speeds up the process.

By integrating our claims, industry and technical skills, we help you prepare the balance of information to evidence your claim in the right format and speed up the settlement.

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A Comprehensive Approach to Dealing with Rejected Insurance Claims

At ICC - Insurance Claims Consultants, we are the industries leading specialist in dealing with unfair and unlawful claim repudiation and rejections by Insurance Companies throughout Southern Africa. It's all too easy for insurance companies to reject claims, many of these rejections are arbitrary at most and some are entirely unjustified. What they do all have in common is the debilitating financial losses that most of us can never recover from.

These rejections often arise over policy interpretation, misunderstandings, human error, and bad faith conduct on the part of the insurer or just plain bad investigations by the appointed assessors.

We bring a pragmatic and cost effective approach to resolving unjust claim rejections. We will quickly investigate and assess the situation and provide an honest view on the strengths and weaknesses of your position and if we do believe you have a justifiable claim we will move heaven on earth to ensure your claim is paid. Our success rate is unmatched.

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Some of our latest settlements

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"Standard Bank Insurance, Un-natural death, R750,000."

G Faku

"MUA, Motor vehicle accident, miss-representation, R3 100,000."

Y Yamin / HVH Gold

"King Price Insurance, Motor vehicle accident. Dishonesty, R91,800."

B Brand

"Old Mutual, Retrenchment, Disclosure, R94,500 ."

A Quin

"AIG, Motor vehicle accident, mechanical breakage, R31,920."

A van den Heever


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